11 rounds from 2pm on Wednesday 8 January
FIDE (Blitz) and ACF (Quick) rated


11 round (Dutch) Swiss, with pairings by Vega.


Open, but players who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents must have a FIDE ID.

Entry Fees


Enter in the form below. Entries close at 1:30pm on Wednesday 8 January. Entry is free for GM, IM, WGM, WIM.

Time Control

All moves in 3 minutes plus a 2 seconds increment per move.

Prizes (Guaranteed)

The title of Australian Blitz Champion will be awarded to the Australian citizen or permanent resident with the highest final score (after a playoff if required – see Tiebreak section below).

Prize money will be shared equally and each player may win only one prize.


Pairings and rating prizes will be based on the following rating hierarchy:

  1. FIDE Blitz rating
  2. FIDE Rapid rating
  3. FIDE Standard rating
  4. ACF Quick rating
  5. ACF Classic rating


In the event of a tie for the title between one or more eligible players, a playoff will be held:

  • For two players, 2 games with alternate colours, repeated if necessary until the tie is broken.
  • For three or more players, a single round robin, repeated if necessary until the tie is broken (with players who are no longer tied for first eliminated after each round robin cycle).


The forfeit time for a game is when the player’s time has elapsed.


The FIDE Laws of Chess apply, including Article B.4 of the Competition Rules.